Hailing from Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, this all-original Americana band infuses Canadian influences into their music, creating a unique blend of folk, country, roots and blues with a maritime twist.    With soulful vocals, skillful instrumentation, and a distinctive East Coast flavor, this Nova Scotian Americana band captivates audiences with a sound that is both authentic and refreshingly original.

 Since its inception in 2018, core members Wilf Carter (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica), Dave Lovelace (banjo, backing vocals), Brian Rose (6 & 12 String guitars, backing vocals), and Kyle Paulsen (drums, percussion) have been performing for audiences of all ages and developing a loyal fanbase with their unique brand of music. 

With their signature style and a light-hearted stage presence, Iron Wheel has been engaging audiences at a wide range of venues around Nova Scotia from local pubs to community centres to family campgrounds.  They are equally comfortable on the festival stage, having played at the Blue Beach Festival in Hantsport, the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby, and the Folk Harbour Summer Concert Series in Lunenburg.    Time in the recording studio resulted in their Debut Album “No Room in Hell” being released in January 2023 to a packed house at Bearly’s House of Blues in Halifax.   


Dave Lovelace

Banjo, Guitar, Vocals

Dave, a passionate musician, is the skilled banjo player for Iron Wheel, an Americana band known for their soulful tunes and authentic sound.  With a deep love for roots music, Dave brings a unique flair to the band's performances, weaving intricate banjo melodies that resonate with the heart of Americana traditions.  Whether capturing the spirit of folk tales or infusing  bluegrass energy, Dave's musical prowess adds a distinctive touch to Iron Wheel's sonic journey.  Offstage, he continues to explore the rich tapestry of American music, shaping his craft and contributing to the band's vibrant musical identity.


Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Wilf, the soulful voice and creative force behind Iron Wheel, takes on the roles of lead singer and rhythm guitarist with a distinct touch.  But what truly sets him apart is his unique flair for crafting homemade cigar box guitars, adding an unconventional yet authentic element to the band's sound.  Wilf's vocals resonates with storytelling depth, and his handmade instruments contribute to Iron Wheel's signature blend of Americana.  Both on stage and in the workshop, Wilf's passion for music and craftsmanship shapes the band's identity, making him a central figure in their musical journey.


6 string, 12 string, bass, vocals

Brian is a masterful guitarist in Iron Wheel,  specializing in both the 6 and 12 string guitars.  His fingers dance across the strings, creating a rich tapestry of melodies that define the band's distinctive sound.  With a passion for both the nuanced tones of the  6string and the resonant depth of the 12 string, Brian's musical versatility adds  a dynamic layer to Iron Wheel's Americana tunes.  On and off stage, he's committed to honing his craft and contributing  to the band's musical journey, making him an integral part of the group's sonic landscape.


Drums, Percussion

Kyle is the rhythmic heartbeat of Iron Wheel, serving as the band's skilled drummer,  with precision and flair, he lays down the foundation that propels the Americana tunes to new heights.  Kyle's dynamic drumming sound, ensuring that each performance is a rhythmic journey throughout the heart of their music.  Beyond the stage, Kyle's commitment to the craft of drumming continues, contributing to the bands cohesive and captivating musical identity.